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The World In 2018 : Consulting the Cards

WILL 2018 prove to be less anxiety-inducing than 2017? asked Anthony Lefevre, an Englishman with clairvoyant abilities inherited from his mother.

Anthony Lefevre

Lefevre has been reading tarot cards for an international clientele for more than 30 years. Tarot cards have been used to divine the future for centuries by highly intuitive people. Lefevre says his tarot reading also draws also upon his inherited gift of clairvoyance, through which he receives messages from the supernatural world.

His tarot interpretations come with a slant towards the pragmatic, and coupled with his business acumen as a financial consultant. He also has a strong belief in the exercise of the free will to determine one’s life.



Lefevre: Overall, worldwide, 2018 is going to be a dull, flat year. (This relates to Malaysia as well).

The world is in a debt crisis, both on a personal level and national level. It’s only a matter of time before the global financial crisis of 2007-2008 happens again.

People, businesses, organisations and governments will get themselves deeper and deeper into debt. The price of oil is not going to go up much next year to turn things around here or elsewhere. Banks will be struggling and thence, people will be struggling, dealing with  interest rates and such.

Places like South America are going to have more issues because of the economy, especially Venezuela. Brexit is going to face massive difficulties. If say, there were to be a referendum now in the United Kingdom, it would most likely go the other way.

Over in the United States, they are going to have issues with bad debts. Promises made are seen as not coming through.


Lefevre: There will be stress in general from financial difficulties on a global and individual scale. This is going to be a major factor next year and breed more discontent.

There’s been a lot of injustice, in how corporates have been taking a lot from the people and not given enough back. And this will cause anger and resentment. People are trying to look after themselves and are looking at what percentage of people in the world are actually holding the wealth, and that itself continues to cause issues.

When there’s discontent, people will want change; and change doesn’t always go positively.


Lefevre: The Catalan independence issue and the United Kingdom matter (as with Scotland) are precursors of what’s going to happen to the European Union, which is eventually going to come down, …not next year, but eventually.

I see a lot more desire to decentralise. Many are feeling they don’t want to be part of a conglomerate organisation and want to become more self-determining. But overall, the year is more of a stagnant year.


Lefevre; Looking at Malaysia alone, it’s going to be tough. Looking at it practically, with jobs these days, there are opportunities worldwide. Like it or not English is a universal language and important for working in international companies.

In a global market, it is going to be difficult for job seekers if one is not conversant in English.


Lefevre: The area that is potentially going to cause more suffering than anything else is technology, though in itself, it is not a bad thing. The problem will lie in how humans are going to use it.

Governments will try to undermine each other using technology. A progression of the trend from the current into 2018. Governments will also be using technology more to monitor people, using prevention of terrorism as an excuse.

There will also be more terrorist attacks in the world in 2018 through use of technology.


Lefevre: There will be advances in medication. There is not likely to be a cure for cancer. But take heed that the things we do will be more likely to give us cancer.


Lefevre: As mentioned there will be more terrorist incidents throughout the world. When you over-restrict the exercise of free will, there will be discontent.

Discontent is everywhere and a good part of this also stems from breakup of the family unit. It leads to disenfranchisement of society. If this was managed, there would be less violence, less unruliness.

Anthony Lefevre also offers spiritual counselling and past life regression sessions. For personal consultations and workshops, contact

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