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Beary Good Marmalade

Paddington’s Walk Down Marmalade Lane

With the heartwarming and laughter-inducing sequel to the classic Paddington movie screening coming to an end in theatres, here’s a look into the iconic blue duffle suit clad bear’s tale of origin and the many things one could whip up with a hearty jar of marmalade.

Tributes for Michael Bond poured in when he passed away earlier this year at the age of 91. Londoners left jars of marmalade and flowers as a tribute to the iconic bear and its creator,Bond.

Christmas Eve 1956. Michael Bond notices a lone teddy bear sitting on a shelf in a store in London, just near Paddington Station, which he buys for his wife as a Christmas gift. That very bear becomes the inspiration for Bond’s first Paddington Bear outing, titled ” A Bear Named Paddington”. It was written  in a mere 10 days; thus the bear was born, leaving his mark on the world as the well-mannered and compassionate if somewhat naïve being from the deepest darkest depths of Peru.


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Centuries-old orange trees in the Patio de los Naranjos (Orange Tree Courtyard) of the Holy Metropolitan and Patriarchal Cathederal of Seville

Marmalade, the fruit preserve, is referred to as “marmaloos” in Portugal, where it originates from. Quintessential British marmalade however is usually made of Seville oranges, prized for the high pectin content. But there are variations on the Paddington Bear true blue orange marmalade (since a marmalade denotes a preserve made from citrus fruit) with creations such as the Lemon and Lime Marmalade from Marks & Spencer.

When you look beyond it as a topping for toast you’ll find it adds a sweet, tangy lift to almost any dish. Here’s how you can adventure with marmalade.

  1. USE IT AS A GLAZE OR ADD A SPOONFUL TO YOUR MARINADE for roast chicken, ham and homemade sausages.
  2. TANGY TRUFFLES: Incorporate or fold into chocolate ganache for truffles or simply as a decadent chocolate frosting with a twist for cakes and sweet treats alike.
  3. FRUITY FILLINGS AND TOPPINGS: Gooey fillings for crepes, and between biscuits (Jammie Dodgers) and as toppings for waffles. What about starting the morning off with a marmalade dosa instead of a masala one?
  4. ZESTY SIDES: As a dip for a cheese platter
  5. CUP(S) OF TEA: For a soothing citrusy tea, stir in a spoonful of marmalade to a cup of boiling water in which you’ve steeped a tea bag. We like lemon balm tea with a dash of marmalade stirred in. Add honey too if you prefer. Slurp.

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