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Book A New Age Christmas

A lazy Sunday afternoon walk after lunch around a block of shophouses in the residential neighbourhood of USJ 11 in Subang Jaya brought me to a storehouse of knowledge on the mysteries of the mind and soul.

Lest you think there’s a hitherto unknown cult or temple operating in this gated neighbourhood, the portal to the esoteric world lies behind the glass doors of an unpretentious bookshop called MelizaBooks.
Lining the shelves and piled in wire baskets are books on western and vedic astrology, philosophy, yoga, world religions, metaphysics, cults, biographies of spiritual masters… you get what this cosy bookshop is all about.

It’s a little self-contained Old World-New Age nook in a city sprinkled  with modern bookstore chains whose clinical ambiance never keep me there longer than 15 minutes. But in the faintly scented and cosy setup of MelizaBooks, it’s a different story.

Complementing the books are fragrant candles, wooden and crystal prayer beads,  gemstones, jewellery, fortune reading cards from all over the world, dried herbs and incense, healing salts and soaps. I got my gift of prayer beads and gemstones for a loved one cleansed in a Tibetan singing bowl.

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There’s more. Home decor items also crowd the shelves and adorn walls in this little shop. Beautify the home with figurines, paintings, posters and wall hangings; cleanse your home with spiritual paraphernalia and store them in small wooden containers.


The selection of music matches the spirit of the store. From classical to meditative to pop ragas, from artistes of various continents, I found excellent CDs going at bargain prices.

Linger and examine the selections of wares from India, Nepal, Tibet, South America, Southeast Asia and the Orient and you’ll find plenty of curios to lay under the tree this Christmas.

MelizaBooks Christmas Sale is on with up to 70 per cent discounts on all books and New Age products. 

At No 16, USJ 11/3J, Subang Jaya. Call: 012 3299713 for more information. 

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