VEDIC astrology or Jyotisha (science of light or heavenly bodies) is based on the 12 signs of the zodiac. An accurate prediction of an individual’s future is dependent upon the correct date, time, place and year of birth of the person seeking a reading — this will provide the person with his or her natal chart.

It is to be noted that Western astrology calculates a person’s Sun sign differently. Each sign (constellation) occupies only a certain number of degrees. So under the different computing system Vedic astrologers use, a person may fall under another Sun sign than the one he or she is under in the Western system. Vedic astrology generally gives more precise interpretations on karmic events and cycles of an individual’s future.

A new Hindu calendar year begins on April 14. Here’s what’s in store for the 12 signs beginning April 14, 2018, as predicted by Master Yuvaraj Sowma, a seventh generation Vedic astrologer from Chennai, India.

He says “A major planet transit happened at the end of last year, and the impact of the transit will continue for another two and half years. Generally, for this year’s prediction, only two planets are mainly considered. One is Jupiter, the other is Saturn.

“The current positions of these two planets only justify the positive and negative economic results of the universe, as well as that of the individual. For the past two and a half years, the planet Saturn was in the southern zodiac signs, and the effect was a major setback in the property industry for the last few years.

“This will be improve gradually from this year onwards. But, it is predicted that the gold and textile industries will be down, and the share market too will not be healthy.”

Source : Yuvaraj Sowma

Here’s the general outlook for each Sun sign as provided by Yuvaraj:

Mesha (Aries)
RANK : 1
In excellent position. The wonderful position of transit Jupiter and Saturn is in the house of fulfilment of all your desires.

So make hay while the sun shines. You are likely to exhibit a rather strong streak of individualism but matters at home will run smoothly. It seems that you will get some quality time and opportunities to be at home despite some travel foreseen. LOVE life will be sweet.

This means also good news with regard to WEALTH and additional income; one by one you will notice that the money that was stuck in the “wrong places” will start moving into your bank account. You can speed this up by making more effort in the collection process.

In REAL ESTATE , buying and selling land, property or vehicles during January is likely to be profitable. A proposal for a major project that promises considerable gains is foreseen. In CAREER, doors will open in the second half of the year.

Kumbha (Aquarius)
RANK : 2
A good ranking in the zodiac for the year but some Kumbha folk may be tensed worrying about a change in job, though nothing really is going to happen.

There is strong desire to advance your CAREER, or your business is likely to possess you right from the new year onwards. The new year resolution may be “I should fulfil my ambition this year”. In fact. such a desire may be easy to fulfill but careful planning is absolutely necessary.

In WEALTH, further investment in that which has yielded steady profits is advisable. The period is also favorable for developing new and meaningful partnerships intended to go a long way. You may invent a new method of increasing your profits. On the REAL ESTATE front, not much will happen and it is advisable to concentrate on other aspects of wealth and investment.

For those with a living father, HEALTH may be a concern but during the first half of the year. In LOVE and relationship matters, there may be a series of blocks.

Kataka (Cancer)
RANK : 3
You need to put your best efforts into completing the tasks at hand and fulfil most of your desires when the going is good.
The free flow WEALTH into your life will make you very happy. Your mind is likely to be preoccupied by what you should do with the money in hand. Consider carefully where to invest so that you may reap the benefits later on.

In REAL ESTATE, this is the time to put your money into land and property but try to complete the process of investment before June of this year. In your CAREER, you might consider new positions or alternatives. In fact this is the right time to think of such moves. In this you might even consider taking a position in distant places. Alternatively you might consider moving back to your hometown. In short, you may expect movement. If you are in business, a tour is also indicated. If you are a student, you are lucky; you will get the opportunity to go on a tour either under the student exchange programme or simply because your institution wants you to gain new knowledge or an internship.

You will enjoy good HEALTH. In case you have been troubled by minor ailments and pain, during this year, especially during the first half, endeavour to find the right solution. In your PERSONAL life, expect lots of fun on the home front. One of your family members is likely to get married, you may buy a new vehicle and in most cases, it would be something that you’d always dreamt about. For some of you it may be a new home or new place. You may also go on pleasure trip. LOVE life will be exciting.

Simmha (Leo)
By now you may be aware that the Saturn transit is good for you. On top of that, the first half of the year is the time when you should look out for advantages. It is problem-solving year and you are most likely to get the correct solutions.

In the area of WEALTH, increments and increases in options are likely. These in some cases could be so substantial that they result in a change of lifestyle. But in the HEALTH sector, fevers and body aches are likely to bother you. You should not be careless about taking your meals.

In REAL ESTATE, it is better to take a closer look at prevailing dealings. A positive reply may be expected regarding government deeds and building contracts. In CAREER, you may be inclined to take on travelling and these may arise from some real opportunities to make financial and other gains. A tendency to try and use complex or devious ways may be present.

Though you might fall in LOVE, it would not necessarily be a pleasant experience and you might end up getting hurt or your prestige shaken. For women, a good social life can be expected but love life will be average. If married, your spouse could suffer a bout of ill health, but it will be nothing serious. Remedies include avoiding non-vegetarian food at least on all Saturdays.

Thula (Libra)
RANK : 5
Life will move on the fast track. You may not have time to look into any other aspect except the one with you are obsessed with. Be it sports, business or career goals, you are likely to stay focused and charged up.

In WEALTH, your financial status is likely to be elevated to the level that you worked for during the past three years. Money that was stuck up in some places may find its way to your bank account but only after you put in some effort.
CAREER-wise, despite the unfavourable Jupiter transit, thanks to the position of other planets, this year will be excellent for your moon sign. All you need to do is avoid delaying the work at hand or carelessly delegating it to others. The self-employed amongst you have strong chances of expanding your business.

In REAL ESTATE, if you have been pursuing a deal, you may come to know the whole thing was just faked. So before paying up any advances, check the documents.

In HEALTH, the Saturn transit indicates good health the entire year. PERSONAL life at home will be an extension of your inner self, peaceful and harmonious. Children will be the greatest source of happiness and contentment. Couples who are expecting might likely be blessed with a son. Your faith in God and religion will be in the extremes. Women may find their partner this year.

Makara (Capricorn)
RANK : 6
More than anything else, keeping your over-confidence in check and maintaining your intellectual independence and integrity will be important. People working or living close to you may be driven by their selfish instincts. Just take no notice of such things and soon you will find relief.

In WEALTH, this could be a satisfactory year but you may tend to overspend on unwanted things. You may spend a lot of money on making your life more comfortable such as in buying vehicles, air conditioners etc.

Try to complete important REAL ESTATE deals during the first half of this year. However in most cases you may be unable to actually complete the deal due to unexpected situations cropping up. In CAREER, this year would be excellent for your moon sign thanks to auspicious position of other planets.

When it comes to HEALTH, if you are into games that require you to move about a great deal or use your legs more then any other part of the body, then you should guard against injury. On the PERSONAL life front, if you are eagerly searching for a life partner, then you may find the right person but there are many more obstacles to be crossed. Otherwise, there may be the beginnings of a new relationship. If you are a parent, you will be happy because one of your children will make you proud with his or her achievements.

Mithuna (Gemini)
RANK : 7
Good news! After a long period of struggle, at last positive events are indicated in your life. During this year, despite having a Saturn in the seventh house and Jupiter in the fifth house, you will find lots of relief from whatever that has been troubling you in the last months.

Looking at your WEALTH prospects, one of your friends may call you with exciting news about your work, finances, or a proposed project. Alternatively it may be your previous boss or a partner who went away. Whatever it is, you appear to be the solution.

During this year, the focus is on your CAREER or working environment; directing your energy toward changing or improving yourself or your image or status. If you are in business, you are likely to cause a major change in the salary structure and your employees will give back what you expected from them. In REAL ESTATE, your relatives may be concerned with the sale of or purchase of a home or property venture. Your presence in the process would be of great help to them.

HEALTH-wise, if you were suffering from any strange illnesses for the last two years, it was because many planets were unfavourably placed. But this year, you are on the path of recovery. PERSONAL life will see you no longer subject to limitations, anger, frustration, or emotional pressures. An old friend or lover is going to return or call when you least expect it, especially during the middle of the year. For women, there will be a tendency to influence a personal decision of an important family member. However, expect consequences after a year.

Kanni (Virgo)
RANK : 8
Try to complete as much important work as you can, particularly work that depends more on luck, before July of this year. During this year, you will run into conflicts, which will require a great deal of emotional control, but you will soon learn how to get in control again.

In WEALTH, during this year, you will discuss finances or contracts with someone knowledgeable in your field in an effort to collect money that is owed, re-adjust a contractual agreement, re-instate funding, or do the necessary paperwork that is required by your bank or financier.

In REAL ESTATE, do not discuss matters regarding land or property with relatives as they may add to the existing confusion. There are chances for forged documents getting linked to the purchase. Regarding CAREER, you will get some very rewarding news, as well as assistance, acknowledgement, and/or recognition. In addition, if you are a writer, you will achieve success in the publishing or literary fields. But all this is indicated only during the first half of this year.

Take extra precautions pertaining to your HEALTH during the second half of this year. Deep breathing exercises may reduce a feeling of heaviness in the chest.
You will have to work hard in your PERSONAL life to meet your commitments this year. You also need to slow down on your expansion plans in view of financial constraints. Do not take any risks in ventures on which you have little knowledge of and lack of expertise. Listen to the wise counsel of good friends. If you are a woman, the married may find it difficult to establish rapport with the spouse. Those in love will find it difficult to keep contact with their sweetheart.

Vrichika (Scorpio)
RANK : 9
Compared with the last three years, this year will be much better. Legal matters will be up for negotiation. Your WEALTH prospects, indicate business will expand, finances will increase. Non-productive, defective, or negative areas will be brought to your notice by the planets indicating they require a clean-up. However despite achieving a lot by doing this, a few issues may remain to be solved.

It is better not to make efforts in REAL ESTATE . Your effort to get the relevant documents are likely to fail because of negligence by a lawyer. In CAREER, at the workplace, it would be unwise to take sides in a dispute between two groups. If you are in business, avoid acting as the mediator for another partnership; you are likely to find yourself in unnecessary trouble by trying to be a magician.

During this year, you will try to accomplish too many things at once, and will feel pressured to take on more than you care to handle. This may affect your HEALTH. In your PERSONAL life, during this year, you will know that a friend or loved one is making you unhappy yet will feel bound to that person and find it difficult to free yourself of his/ her influence.

Dhanus (Sagittarius)
Rank: 10
Hasten to complete all your important activities and projects during the first half of this year. In the second half of the year, there may be high stress both at home and in office. You are likely to visit many holy places and hilly regions during this year.

Regarding WEALTH, you may be unhappy about your business or finances in general, and about people with you in business who are taking advantage of your good-heartedness. They are likely to make you do the running around. Caution is the key word whenever you decide to finally talk to them.

Do not be in hurry to deal with legal issues, concerning REAL ESTATE particularly. Before making, a decision, seek professional advice. In CAREER, you will have to show determination to overcome hurdles, which are delaying your projects and contracts. There are some profitable business deals in the offing during the first half of the year but their progress will be slow, as the second half of the year is not expected to be favourable.

During this year, you will be concerned about the HEALTH of an important member of your family, but you yourself are in need of rest. So do not neglect yourself.
During this year, in your PERSONAL life, you will have fluctuating moods caused by job-related or personal problems. You may find it very hard to keep your emotions under control. You are likely to experience sadness and apprehension because of an important friend who is likely to be away for a long time. If you are a woman, by exercising prudence and tact, you will be able to avoid a heated exchange of words over a trivial matter with a brother or sister at home.

Meena (Pisces)
Rank: 11
The stress level is likely to be high as two planets, Saturn and Jupiter, are not in favourable places for your moon sign. So during the second half of the year you may start showing up the expected symptoms of restlessness and lack of sleep.
In CAREER, and in business, some distressing information is likely to necessitate a very hard decision on your part. Avoid haste and anger while dealing with important situations. Do not act in a revengeful manner. Avoid ego clashes with your associates, which may make things worse.

You need to remain cautious in REAL ESTATE as possibility for loss is indicated in important property dealing. In WEALTH, during this year, you will wonder where your next cash inflow is coming from; and to make matters worse, every time you turn around, another expense will arise. Despite all this, you will somehow juggle well and solve all problems.

In HEALTH, upsetting conditions or pressures are going to cause a previous health problem to resurface, and that problem may need medical attention.
During this year, you will not be ready to commit to or become much involved in a new PERSONAL relationship and this may be due to an emotional attachment to a LOVE relationship that has recently fizzled out. Stay away from backbiting family members. Women may find domestic life filled with worry. Some relatives will interfere in your affairs and provoke family members against you. You must overcome the situation with patience.

Rishabha (Taurus)
RANK : 12
During this year, the focus is likely to be on challenging situations pertaining to money, family matters and things that stem from mistakes of the past, also unhealthy food habits. Many planets are unfavourably placed, so the key word is caution and patience.

In WEALTH, monthly income may hit an all-time low for the season if you are into business. As the money issues continue to keep you anxious, you are likely to think about alternatives for the future. Follow the clues from a tiny financial gain you had recently and that may help you find a new way to make money.

CAREER-wise, you will interact with others both personally and professionally, because of uncertainties that are developing in the place of work. We advise you to be “on guard” but avoid getting pessimistic. Your presence of mind that is above average is sure to bail you out. In REAL ESTATE, you may expect tension while dealing with ancestral properties. Builders may be tensed because they are unable to find buyers or sell at the expected price.

Where HEALTH is concerned, your doctors may advise you to go for health check-ups and undergo tests. In case you feel uncomfortable, it is better to go by the proverb “a stitch in time saves nine”. You are advised to reduce fatty foods.
Where PERSONAL life is concerned, you will wonder if your relationship is practical or if you are living in a dream world. This is not the time to make important decisions or try to complete pending work in the family as it may end in disputes among the family.

If you are still a student, it is better to avoid spending time in romance and parties because unexpected major problems may arise. Women may encounter new hardships with spouse. Support and encouragement from the beloved one is lacking, and the year may prove trying.

Master Yuvaraj Sowma is also skilled in Vasthu , the 5000-year-old ancient Indian science of architecture and construction. He may be contacted at

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